RM120 Automatic Cup Counting Machine For Plastic Cups and Bowls

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Revolutionize your cup and bowl packaging process with the RM120 Automatic Cup Counting Machine.  This cutting-edge solution is engineered to bring unparalleled efficiency and precision to your plastic cup and bowl counting operations, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free packaging experience.

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Streamlined Counting and Packaging:
Say goodbye to manual counting and hello to automation with the RM120. This machine takes charge of the counting process, accurately tallying plastic cups and bowls with lightning speed. Streamline your packaging line, reduce labor costs, and witness a significant boost in productivity like never before.

Adaptable for Various Cup and Bowl Sizes:
The RM120 is designed with versatility in mind. It effortlessly handles various cup and bowl sizes, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. From small to large cups and bowls, this machine ensures consistent counting performance, offering you the flexibility needed to cater to diverse customer demands.

Precision and Reliability Guaranteed:
With advanced sensors and cutting-edge technology, the RM120 ensures precise counting accuracy, eliminating the risk of overfilling or underfilling packaging. Rest assured that each pack contains the exact number of cups and bowls, building trust with your customers and reducing waste.

User-Friendly Interface for Easy Operation:
Simplicity is key with the RM120's user-friendly interface. Its intuitive controls make operation a breeze, reducing training time for your staff. Enjoy a smooth and efficient packaging process with minimal downtime and maximum productivity.

Machine Parameters

◆Machine Model: RM-120
◆Cup counting speed: ≥35 pieces
◆Maximum quantity of cup counting per line: ≤100 PCS
◆Cup diameter (mm): Φ50-Φ120(Available range)
◆Power (kw): 2
◆Outline size (LxWxH) (mm): 2900x400x1500
◆Whole machine weight (kg): 700
◆Power Supply: 220V50/60Hz

Main Features

Main performance and structural features:
✦ 1.The machine adopts text integrated control, measuring accurately and automatically detecting electrical faults. The operation is simple and convenient.
✦ 2.High precision optical fiber detection, accurate and reliable.
✦ 3.More rational, convenient and easy to operate.
✦ 4.A wide range of arbitrary adjustment can match the printing machine production line perfectly.
✦ 5.Production speed is adjustable, and cup counting can be selected from 10 to 100 cups to achieve the best counting effect.
✦ 6.The convey table is made of stainless steel and main machine adopts spray paint It can also be customized according to customer request.

Other characteristics:
✦ 1.Cup counting performs with high efficiency, stable performance, convenient operation and maintenance, lowfailure rate.
✦ 2.It can run continuously for a long time.
✦ 3.The cup counting range is wide.

Scope of Application

Apply to: Aviation cup, milk tea cup, paper cup, coffee cup, plum cup, plastic bowl (10-100 countable), and other regular object counting.

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