Automatic RM120 Rim Roller Machine Integrated 2 function of curling and counting

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Upgrade your rim manufacturing process with the cutting-edge Automatic RM120 Rim Roller Machine, a game-changer that combines two essential functions - curling and counting - into one seamless operation. This advanced machine is engineered to redefine efficiency, precision, and productivity in the rim production industry.

Dual Functionality - Curling and Counting:
Experience the power of two functions in a single machine. The Automatic RM120 is not just a rim roller; it is an integrated solution that streamlines the entire process. With its curling function, you can effortlessly shape rims to perfection. Simultaneously, the built-in counting feature ensures accurate and reliable tracking of the number of rims produced, enabling you to manage your inventory and production schedules more effectively.

Unmatched Precision for Flawless Rims:
Precision is the cornerstone of the Automatic RM120. The machine's state-of-the-art technology guarantees consistent and flawless rim curling. Say goodbye to manual errors and variations in production - this machine delivers rims with the exact curling specifications you need, enhancing the overall quality of your products.

Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity:
Boost your production capabilities with the Automatic RM120's unmatched efficiency. Its dual functionality minimizes the time required to curl and count rims, maximizing output without compromising on precision. This means you can meet tight deadlines and customer demands effortlessly, keeping your business at the forefront of the industry.

Main Features

✦ 1.Integrated design, optical fiber cup, high efficiency, low energy consumption.
✦ 2.Give consideration to two functions of curling and counting.
✦ 3.Edge screw is made of copper, which is more conducive to temperature stability.
✦ 4.Cup counting part uses high sensitivity optical fiber against shooting structure, counting accurately and swiftly.

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