RM Series Automatic High Speed Stacker

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LX series automatic stacking machine is a new generation of packaging machine developed by our company in recent years Products;

The product is mainly aimed at small grams, thin wall cups, difficult in stacking and is an auxiliary equipment specially developed to match cup making machine, which realizes the automatic stacking of plastic cup. The machine features at compact design, small footprint, low power consumption, high efficiency, low noise, simple operation, high degree of automation and other features. It is an ideal packaging equipment in plastic cup production industry.

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Experience a new level of stacking efficiency with the RM Series Automatic High Speed Stacker. This cutting-edge solution is meticulously designed to optimize your stacking operations, offering unparalleled efficiency, precision, and productivity.

Swift and Precise Stacking Performance:
The RM Series boasts high-speed stacking capabilities, swiftly and precisely arranging products in neat stacks. Say goodbye to manual stacking challenges and welcome a seamless and efficient stacking process that saves time and labor.

Customizable Stacking Configurations:
Tailor the stacking process to your specific needs with customizable configurations. From stack height to stack patterns, the RM Series allows you to adjust settings to match your product specifications and packaging requirements.

Automated Stacking for Streamlined Operations:
Equipped with an online palletizing system, the RM Series achieves automatic stacking of finished products. This streamlined stacking process greatly enhances production efficiency and reduces labor intensity, allowing your team to focus on other critical tasks.

Machine Parameters

◆Machine Model RM-15B RM-14 RM-11
◆Outline size (LxWxH) (mm) 3900x1550x1200 3900x1550x1200 3900x1350x1200
◆Motor power(kw) 1.1 1.1 1.1
◆Suitable cup model Round plastic cup heighr^lntermal mouth diameter
◆Suitable cup diameter(mm) 60-70 70*80 80-95
◆Suitable cup height(mm) 60-170 70-170 80-170
◆Remarks The other special cups design can be ordered

As the products described in this catalogue are constantly updated, the specifications may be changed without notice, please understand! The picture is for reference only.

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