RM-2R Double-station IMC Thermoforming Machine

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The RM-2R is a cutting-edge two-station in-mold positive and negative pressure thermoforming machine, designed for highly efficient and energy-saving operations. It excels in producing small height products like disposable sauce cups, plates, and lids, making it the ideal solution for your packaging needs.

Equipped with in-mold hardware cutting and an online stacking system, the RM-2R takes automation to the next level. Its in-mold hardware cutting ensures precise and efficient cutting during the forming process, reducing wastage and optimizing production efficiency.

The online stacking system elevates your productivity by enabling automatic stacking after forming. This streamlined stacking process minimizes manual intervention, allowing your team to focus on other critical tasks and reducing labor intensity.

With its positive and negative pressure capabilities, the RM-2R guarantees top-notch product quality. Positive pressure forming ensures smooth and consistent product surfaces, while negative pressure forming ensures precise concave and convex features, resulting in stable and superior products.

Invest in the RM-2R Thermoforming Machine to experience unparalleled efficiency, energy-saving benefits, and automated stacking for small height products. Elevate your production capabilities and stay ahead of the competition with this advanced and innovative equipment!

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Machine Parameters

◆Model: RM-2R
◆Max.Forming Area: 820*620mm
◆Max.Forming Height: 80mm
◆Max.Sheet Thickness(mm): 2 mm
◆Max Air Pressure(Bar): 8
◆Dry Cycle Speed: 48/cyl
◆Claping Force: 65T
◆Voltage: 380V
◆Servo Motor: Yaskawa
◆Reducer: GNORD
◆Application: trays, containers, boxes, lids, etc.
◆Core Components: PLC, Engine, Bearing, Gearbox, Motor, Gear, Pump
◆Suitable Material: PP.PS.PET.CPET.OPS.PLA
Max. Mould
Clamping Force Dry Cycle Speed Max. Sheet
Suitable Material
820x620mm 65T 48/cycle 2mm 80mm 8 Bar PP, PS, PET, CPET, OPS, PLA

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Main Features

✦ Efficient production: The equipment adopts a two-station design, which can perform forming and cutting at the same time, greatly improving production efficiency. In-die cutting The die cutting system enables fast and precise cutting, making the production process more efficient.

✦ Positive and negative pressure forming: This model has the function of positive and negative pressure forming, through the action of heat and pressure, the plastic sheet is deformed into the desired product shape. Positive pressure forming makes the surface of the product smooth and consistent, while negative pressure forming ensures the accuracy of the concave and convex of the product, making the product quality more stable.

✦ Automatic stacking: The equipment is equipped with an online palletizing system, which can realize automatic stacking of finished products. Such an automated stacking system greatly improves production efficiency and reduces labor intensity.

✦ Flexible and diverse product production: This model is mainly suitable for the production of small-height products such as disposable sauce cups, plates, and lids. But at the same time, it can also adapt to the needs of different product sizes and shapes. By changing molds and adjusting parameters, various products can be produced.

Application Area

This 2-station thermoforming machine is widely used in food packaging and catering industries. With its advantages and flexibility, it provides enterprises with high-quality and high-efficiency production solutions.



Thermoforming is a versatile and efficient manufacturing process used across various industries. To ensure seamless production and top-notch quality, proper equipment preparation, raw material handling, and maintenance are vital.

Equipment Preparation:
Before commencing production, verify the robust connection and power supply of your 2-station thermoforming machine. Conduct a thorough inspection of the heating, cooling, pressure systems, and other functions to guarantee their normal operation. Securely install the required molds, ensuring they are perfectly aligned to prevent any potential mishaps during the manufacturing process.

Raw Material Preparation:
Begin by selecting a plastic sheet suitable for molding, ensuring it aligns with the project's specific requirements. Pay close attention to the size and thickness, as these factors significantly impact the final product's integrity. With a well-prepared plastic sheet, you lay the foundation for flawless thermoforming results.

Heat Settings:
Open the control panel of your thermoforming machine and set the heating temperature and time . Consider the characteristics of the plastic material and the mold requirements when making these adjustments. Allow the thermoforming machine ample time to reach the set temperature, ensuring the plastic sheet attains the desired softness and moldability for optimal shaping.

Forming - Stacking :
Carefully place the preheated plastic sheet onto the mold surface, ensuring it lies flat and smooth. Initiate the molding process, empowering the mold to apply pressure and heat within the designated time frame, skillfully shaping the plastic sheet into its desired form. Post-forming, let the plastic solidify and cool through the mold, proceeding to the systematic orderly stacking for efficient palletizing.

Take Out the Finished Product:
Thoroughly inspect each finished product to ensure it meets the required shape and adheres to the highest quality standards. This meticulous evaluation guarantees that only flawless creations leave the production line, cementing your reputation for excellence.

Cleaning and Maintenance:
To preserve the efficiency of your thermoforming equipment, adopt a diligent cleaning and maintenance routine. After use, power down the thermoforming machine and disconnect it from the power source. Conduct thorough cleaning of molds and equipment to eliminate any residual plastic or debris. Regularly inspect various equipment components to ensure their optimal functionality, securing uninterrupted productivity.

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