RM300 Sheet Application Side Trimming Online Crusher Machine One by One

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LX-300 series sheet and edge recovery machine is suitable for the production line of sheet machine. When working, it will produce qualified products and more than two edges. While producing, the edges will be kept clean, dry, and immediately synchronously compacted by the tractor into the crushing chamber. The crushed materials will be sliced into granular materials. Then the crushed materials will be immediately blown to the inlet of the extruder through the blower and sent to the inlet of the extruder through the small screw feeder together with the main screw. By pressing new and used materials to form and recycling, 100% of the scrap can be recycled. In this process, the scrap will not be polluted by oxidation and humidification (blowing into steam), and the physical strength stress and color luster of the product will not be damaged. Therefore, the quality of the product can be improved. The benefits of automatic scrap recycling include Cost and material savings, improved production process management, increased competitiveness and environmental improvement, the greatest effect is to improve trad代ional productivity.

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Are you searching for the ultimate solution to optimize your sheet trimming operations? Look no further than the state-of-the-art RM300 Sheet Application Side Trimming Online Crusher Machine One by One! This cutting-edge machine is designed to revolutionize the way you handle sheet materials, offering a myriad of powerful selling points.

Safety is paramount, and the RM300 takes it seriously. Equipped with advanced safety features, including emergency stop buttons and protective covers, this machine ensures a secure work environment for your operators. Its durable construction guarantees long-term reliability, minimizing maintenance costs and maximizing uptime.

By processing sheets one by one, this innovative machine streamlines your workflow and optimizes production efficiency. No more waiting for batch processing - the RM300 delivers rapid and continuous trimming, boosting your overall output without compromising on accuracy.

Machine Parameters

Machine Model RM-300
Broken material PP、PS、PET
Power of main motor(kw) 4
Speed(r.p.m) 600-900
Feeding motor power(kw) 3
Speed(r.p.m) 2800
Traction motor power(kw) 0.75
Speed(r.p.m)optional 20-300
The number of fixed blades 2
The number of blade rotation 3
Crushing chamber size(mm) 300x180
Maximum crushing capacity(kg/hr) 80-100
Grinding noise when the db(A) 80-100
Tool material DC53
Sieve aperture(mm) 8、 9、 10、 12
Outline size (LxWxH) (mm) 1220X780X1300
Weight(kg) 1000

Because of the difference in material form and material, the maximum crushing capacity is for reference only.

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