RM-T7050 3 station automatic thermoforming machine

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The RM-T7050 three-station thermoforming machine is a high-efficiency, integrated automatic multi-station plastic thermoforming equipment developed according to the plastic thermoforming technology. The equipment is completed by a series of steps such as sheet feeding, heating, stretching, forming, and punching. It can process and produce PET, PP, PE, PS, ABS and other plastic products.

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Machine Parameters

◆Model: RM-T7050
◆Max.Forming Area: 720mm × 520mm
◆Max.Forming Height: 120mm
◆Max.Sheet Thickness(mm): 1.5 mm
◆Sheet width: 350-760mm
◆Maximum sheet roll diameter: 800mm
◆Power consumption: 60-70KW/H
◆Mould moving distance: The stroke≤150 mm
◆Claping Force: 60T
◆Product shaping cooling way: Water
◆Efficiency: Max 25cycles/min
◆Electric furnace heating maximum power: 121.6KW
◆The maximum power of the whole machine: 150KW
◆Servo Motor: Yaskawa
◆Reducer: GNORD
◆Application: trays, containers, boxes, lids, etc.
◆Core Components: PLC, Engine, Bearing, Gearbox, Motor, Gear, Pump
◆Suitable Material: PP.PS.PET.CPET.OPS.PLA
Max. Mould
Speed(Shot/Min) Max. Sheet
Total weight Suitable Material
720x520mm 20-35 2mm 120mm 11T PP, PS, PET, CPET, OPS, PLA

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Main Features

✦ Diversified production: With multiple workstations, the 3-station thermoforming machine can process different products or use different molds at the same time, making the production process more flexible and diverse.

✦ Quick mold change: The 3-station thermoforming machine is equipped with a quick mold change system, which can quickly change the mold to meet the production needs of different products. This reduces downtime and increases productivity.

✦ Automatic control: The equipment adopts advanced automatic control system, which can precisely control parameters such as heating temperature, molding time and pressure. Automated control not only improves the stability and consistency of molding, but also reduces the operator's technical requirements and reduces human errors.

✦ Energy saving and energy saving: The 3-station thermoforming machine adopts energy-saving technology, which reduces energy consumption and production costs by optimizing heating, cooling and energy utilization. This is a double advantage of economy and environmental protection for enterprises.

✦ Easy to operate: The 3-station thermoforming machine is equipped with an intuitive operation interface, and the operation is easy to learn. This can reduce staff training costs and improve production efficiency.

Application Area

RM-T7050 3-station thermoforming machine is widely used in the food packaging industry, mainly for the production of disposable plastic containers, such as milk tea lids, square boxes, square box lids, moon cake boxes, Trays and other plastic products.



Starting your 3 station thermoforming machine by ensuring a secure connection and powering on.

Prior to production, conduct a comprehensive check of the heating, cooling, pressure systems, and other functions to ensure they are in top-notch condition.

With precision, install the required molds securely. This step is crucial to prevent any disruptions during the manufacturing process and ensures consistent, high-quality output.

For exceptional results, prepare a plastic sheet ideally suited for molding. The right choice of material enhances the final product's quality and aesthetics, setting your products apart from the competition.

Emphasize accuracy in determining the size and thickness of the plastic sheet, ensuring they perfectly align with the mold requirements.

Unlock the full potential of your thermoforming process by setting the heating temperature and time expertly. Consider the specific plastic material and mold requirements, making reasonable adjustments for optimal results.

Skillfully place the preheated plastic sheet onto the mold surface, ensuring it lies flat for a flawless outcome.

As the molding process commences, observe how the mold applies pressure and heat within the set time, transforming the plastic sheet into the desired shape.

After forming, watch the formed plastic solidify and cool through the mold. And then stacking and palletizing.

We have to go through strict inspection for each finished product. Only those meeting the highest shape and quality standards leave our production line.

After each use, need to prioritize equipment safety and energy conservation by turning off the thermoforming machine and disconnecting it from the power source.

Simultaneously with meticulous cleaning of molds and equipment, leaving no room for residual plastic or debris that could affect production quality.

Regularly assess various equipment components to guarantee their optimal functionality. Our continuous efforts in maintenance ensure seamless and uninterrupted productivity.

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